Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Early Birds

Q1 exams are over. A solid week of mind-numbing studying and cranking out analyses, interspersed with some interesting moments of anxiety and dismay, over.

So why then, am I up at 8 a.m. on a day that I have absolutely nothing to do? Good question.

After two solid months of 8 a.m. classes and 8 a.m. exams and 8 a.m. learning programs, I think my body has finally learned to stop fighting it.

The insanely early class time was probably the biggest hang-up I had about coming to Darden. As a self-avowed "non-morning-person," I need some time to get going in the morning. This isn't to say that I'm lazy; I think my circadian rhythms just amp up a little further into the day.

I know what you're thinking - Sania, didn't you ever have a job? Well, of course I did. Waking up at 7 to commute into the city was never a problem, but that's because I got my "me time" in. That's the time where I'm not obligated to speak to nor pay attention anyone, and I can just be silent and think and reflect.

Not an option at Darden. I'm still up at 7, but the minute the clock strikes 8 a.m., it's time to be poised and listening and processing what's going on.

It's probably a good thing. But God knows a few months is not enough time to become one of the early birds. Let's see how this shapes up..

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