Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Goodness Gracious April

Life is good. The weather has been beautiful, there's a ton to look forward to!

This past weekend, Darden students teamed up with the Building Goodness organization to help fix up houses in the Charlottesville community. It was an incredible effort, coordinated by an amazing group of our classmates and attended by many, many more.

We spent the morning working together to paint, scrape, sweep, dig, hammer, and everything in between. It was both physically and mentally taxing - I left thinking a lot about our responsibility as future leaders to our society. How do we give back to our own families, our communities, and the world?

Oren and Sukanya have gone over the details of the day in a lot more detail, but I'll leave you with one last photo - recognize two of your favorite Darden student bloggers?


MechaniGal said...

Oh yeah, these guys definitely look familiar :P

Oren said...

Who's the hunk on the right?

Unknown said...

Good work